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KnoxWeb Services include - Web Development, Application Development, Graphic Design, Business Branding, Digital Marketing, IT Training and Consultancy!

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Website Design and Development

We Design website for organisations and companies who care so much about their corporate image and promoting their products through their Website.

Mobile App Development

We have ready made application such as School Management System, Human Resources Manager, Digital Library and Computer Base Test. We also develop appropriate software solution in accordance with Customers’ needs.

ICT Consultancy

A team of professional IT experts assists in choosing the most appropriate Training for staff and IT Consultation the will promote your Business and Services

Knox Result

Knox Result is a web app that allow school management manage their student result online. This method eradicate the use of paper form but encourage the use of a digital way of storing student result. Student can have access to their result anywahere through the result portal.

You can read the details of the Result portal by clicking on the more features below.

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